What is the Leaf'Em Water My Plants App?

We’re the inclusive app connecting knowledgeable and nurturing plant sitters with plant parents in a simple and highly accessible experience. Coming soon to a city near you!

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I want to be a plant sitter!

Are you a plant lover, expert, or hobbyist looking for a gig working in just that? Plant care, gardening, lawn maintenance, and more! All of this is available to you within our Leaf'Em app, and we can’t wait to share your expertise with plant parents nationwide.

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Water my plant babies!

Do you also have house plants you treat as children and can’t imagine neglecting them when you’re called away for any period of time? We never want this pit-of-the stomach feeling to surface again as you’re packing to leave home.

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Our Story

Our story dates back to two students meeting at Texas A&M, both sharing a friendship rooted in the happiness that nature brings. Connectivity came easy to us as we fell for each other and as our love bloomed into marriage, so did our endless love for plants.

Fifteen years later, our interest peaked in creating an app that would ease the nurturing of plants when our friends traveled, and Daniel and I (Kirsten) were the trusted plant sitters. As our hometown's soils united during our wedding ceremony, so do our minds in bringing you the Leaf’Em app; a simple and accessible plant sitting experience.

The Leaf’Em | Water My Plants app provides trustworthy and nurturing plant sitters for plant parents, with simple function, modern design, and helpful connection when you’re unavailable for plant care.


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